Moving Money is the Safest Money

“Money is made to be a medium of exchange Not a storage for wealth Attemps to store it defeats it’s purpose And so it’s value drops” – Reach and Stay Rich When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Money was not created to be a measure of wealth or a […]


3 Things to Run From When Investing

Security Banks, Insurance and Mutual Funds are one of the most honest business people to deal with. They never promise heaven and earth. They only promise security. They promise that your money will be safe, they never really promise that you will get rich. Security is not how we would attain wealth. Adventure is what […]


3 Things to do with Money

Your Own Business Generous Banks give 5% as interest rates. Inflation depletes your money by 17%. Mutual Funds give you back your money intact. None of these options help grow your money. One of the best places to put your money into right now is a business: your own business. Do not be afraid to […]


Risk is the Meal of the Rich

Money is a Tool Money is not a God, but a lot of people have made it so. When they make a little they keep it at the most sacred spots of their wardrobes, as if it demands to be worshiped. Money is a tool, those who created it made it a medium of exchange […]


Why Money in the Bank is the Worst Idea Ever

Inflation Rate: 17.20% The inflation rate in Nigeria is put at 17.20% in August 2016. This is the worst it has been in the past 9 years. Let me tell you the implication of this: If you hold 100,000 Naira in your hands, at the end of one year you think you still have 100,000 but […]

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