Moving Money is the Safest Money
Posted on: October 15, 2016, by : RASRich

“Money is made to be a medium of exchange
Not a storage for wealth
Attemps to store it defeats it’s purpose
And so it’s value drops”Reach and Stay Rich

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Money was not created to be a measure of wealth or a means by wich riches can be frozen and framed. But we often see it serve this purpose in recent times. Politicians cart away with huge sums of money; diligent employees set aside a lot of their income hoping that someday it will help them attain financial freedom. But all these defeat the purpose of money.

It is okay to save and make plans. But while saving, never loose sight of why saving. A lot of people have plans and most of these cannot be achieved without some reasonable funds. But your money isn’t safe where it isĀ if it is not being used. In the bank, your money is loosing value constantly. In mutual funds, your money is just fine. Under your pillow, your money is also loosing value. Where then is the safest place to keep money? A vault? A vase? A venture?

A Venture

Moving money is the safest money. I cannot overemphasize that. Put your money into use. The average SME venture increases the value of investment by 40%. That is a far more secure place to load in funds. Let’s forget the intricacies of the business for a moment and just take a bird-eye gaze for a moment. Money in the bank is lying dormant in a vault (though technically it is not, but we somehow have that feeling). Though it seems secure and you’ll always get access when you need it, but that safety is it’s bane. It cannot expand! It is locked up.

But in a venture, you might not get access to your funds, but it is definitely increasing in value. Going from hand to hand, city to city but it is picking up value and adding worth everywhere it reaches.

Your money is safest in a venture, not a vault not a vase!

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