3 Things to Run From When Investing
Posted on: October 14, 2016, by : RASRich

Banks, Insurance and Mutual Funds are one of the most honest business people to deal with. They never promise heaven and earth. They only promise security. They promise that your money will be safe, they never really promise that you will get rich. Security is not how we would attain wealth. Adventure is what makes wealthy people! Try new stuff. Even the banks make big bets by investing but they ask you not to bother taking those risks. If someone bears the risk, he makes the profit. This is simple economics. Profit sharing is done by the amount of risk taken. If you want to be rich, don’t look for security, look for adventure!

Big Names
Another deception in investment is big names. Big names have the worst probability of expansion. Small and obscure industries stand the greatest chance. Big names sell their brand as a security for you, same as above. Small names┬ásell potential. They do not promise security, they only tell you they are committed to growing as much as you are. They are driven. They are motivated. They are compelled to prove themselves. Big names often rest on their oars and there is hardly any flexibility because of the complex structure and beaurocracy. If you want to make a big name, don’t look for big names. Look for unpopular ones.

Time and time again we have heard this said, but we do not act as though we understand. The people in the crowd are the most fearful sets of people ever. They criticize everything, laugh at anything and pass judgment based on the song of the moment. But guess what, they are no the wealthiest and cannot be trusted for the kind of legacy you want to build. People usually put down what they don’t understand. if they really understood, they would not be in the crowd, don’t listen to the crowd.

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