3 Things to do with Money
Posted on: October 13, 2016, by : RASRich

Your Own Business
Generous Banks give 5% as interest rates. Inflation depletes your money by 17%. Mutual Funds give you back your money intact. None of these options help grow your money. One of the best places to put your money into right now is a business: your own business. Do not be afraid to put all you have or most of it into what you do. The average SME makes about 40% of the money invested! Yes, 40% you’re sure you still want to keep that money in the bank?

Sponsor or invest in a friend’s business
If you have a paying job that you do not want to let go off soon, you can find a friend in business to invest in. Many of us seem to trust the banks more than we trust our friends. If the bank makes a billion, your money will make no big difference and you get almost nothing commensurate in return. However, if you invest in a friend’s business, if he hammers, even if He is the devil’s cousin, He will still remember you for good. And if you don’t have friends that can keep their word, change your friends.

Shares are a good place to be now
This is the best time to buy shares. A word is enough for the wise. Stocks cannot drop beyond their value at the time of a recession. This is true especially for companies who have proved themselves over the years but are caught in the unfortunate dilemma of the recession. This implies that by the time things get stabilized, the stocks will rise to the place where it ought to be. Right now, this figureĀ seems to be about 1000% for the banking industry right now.

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